Amalgam Fillings

When it came to the discussion about amalgam fillings, we were interested in looking at the other side of the shield. What actually happens during processing and insertion of amalgam fillings? How severe is the exposure to mercury poisoning during the drilling, smoothing and polishing of amalgam fillings within a distance of 5 to 100 cm of the patient’s mouth?
The reason we ask is because this is the distance in which the dentist, his assistant and the patient are breathing during the insertion of amalgam fillings!

Our readings show that peak values of up to 1400 µg/m3 of mercury in the air are being inhaled in a dental surgery. For purposes of comparison: the occupational exposure limit (the maximum concentration accepted in workplace air) for mercury is around 100 µg/m3. After an amalgam filling has been inserted, a thin cloud of mercury is dispersed around the room and the concentration of mercury in the air falls to a comparatively low concentration of around 2 – 5 µg/m3 (other sources estimate concentrations between 6 and 16 µg/m3). While a patient is only exposed to mercury during their own treatment, the dentist and his assistant are exposed to mercury every time an amalgam filling is inserted.
It’s to protect against exactly this kind of recurring short-term exposure to high concentrations of mercury in the air that we have developed our protective face mask.

We have created a surgical facial protection mask which is coated with pure silver and then overlaid with gold.
The principle at work behind the mask is the extreme affinity between mercury and gold.
Mercury bonds very well with gold to form a gold-mercury amalgam.

The gold-coated surface of the mask allows the concentration of mercury in the air to be reduced by up to 99% for a period of approximately two hours.
The mask’s two hour effective reduction capability allows protection from up to two hours of constant exposure to high concentrations of mercury. In practice, this kind of face protection can be worn over a period of up to a week, depending on the number and duration of amalgam treatments in a given week.
(In such cases, however, we recommend that you wear a normal surgical mask under our PROPHY-DENT® mask).
So that there is no exposure to germs or bacteria, we have placed a layer of pure silver under the layer of gold, which functions as a bactericide.
With this mask, you can effectively protect yourself against mercury vapour. Incidentally, you should also wear this facial protection mask when opening sterilisers, as mercury from amalgam compounds vaporises above approximately 60°C).