Dentist Protective Mask

  • Up to 99% retention of bacteria and mercury vapour
  • 3-fold fibre-glass free filter medium
  • With integrated nose clip
  • Special - Gold - Coating

     and additionally:

  • Special - Silver - Coating

How the protective mask works
When mercury vapour in the air comes into contact with the surface of the mask, the mercury is permanently bound to the gold and further vaporisation of the mercury is prevented.

Where to store the protective mask
The mask may not be stored in any rooms used for working with mercury or mercury amalgams. If the mask is stored in such a room, the mask becomes prematurely coated with mercury.

How long can the protective mask be worn?

The mask offers sufficient protection to be worn for up to four patient treatments involving the use of mercury.

How is the protective mask put on?

The mask is worn over the mouth and the nose. The gold coating of the mask should be facing outwards; the white fleece layer should be touching the skin.

How long can the protective mask be worn?
For a permanent amalgam filling treatment, the filter in the mask can retain up to 99% of mercury vapour from the air for approximately 2 hours.
This corresponds to protection by the PROPHY-DENT® mask equivalent to an entire working day.
We recommended that you do not wear the mask for longer than eight consecutive hours and that for reasons of hygiene, you replace mask daily.